How to become fabulous!!!

After working on your confidence level and overall happiness, you decided that you want the World to know the new and improved you. Here is a list that will help you unleash the fabulous Diva within:

  • Wear flattering clothes for your body shape. I remember that someone once made a remark to me about looking good in everything I chose. I remembered thinking; the trick is wearing clothing that flatters your body shape.
  • Wear brighter colors. Don’t be dull and chose bolder colors. The point is broadcasting to the World that you are here.
  • Demand attention by been your authentic, confident self. Your choice in clothing its part of making first impressions so, make sure you look the part. At least most of the time. Also, it does not mean that it has to be the most expensive clothing or the latest trend. Just make sure is eye catching, edgy or hip.
  • Wear heels, even if they are a few inches more.
  • Get a trendy hair do, color or add volume by wearing extensions and hair weave.
  • Change career; get a job that you love, even if it means going back to school. It will make you happier and bring out the fabulous diva in you.
  • Get out and hang out with friends and family. Go out for drinks, coffee, lunch, brunch, dinner, beach, parties, gatherings, plays, movies, mall etc. The key is enjoying yourself and others.
  • Go on amazing vacations when possible.
  • Speak your mind when necessary. There is nothing shy about been fabulous. Speak up on subjects that matter to you.
  • Make your home look the part. The décor should be updated, trendy or elegant. Let it represent your personality and make a statement about your fabulousness on its own.
  • Workout; your weight has little to do with been fabulous. However, working out will have you looking great and healthy making you feel even better. It will manifest by increasing your confidence level.
  • Do not let anyone define you and beat the odds. Others may seek for flaws or want to remind you of past mistakes.  Keep that chin up and continue to improve and move forward.  Just because you are not considered perfect, it does not mean that you should remain stuck or not aim for bigger and better roles. So, go ahead and be that fabulous, amazing diva that you already are.

Best Wishes!!


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