Rise & Shine, bring your rose colored glasses

Life is not all color rose, trust me I know. If I sat here and told you about everything that I had to endure in my life, you would be amazed. However tempting it maybe I am going to resist the urge to tell you my story at this very moment but; there is one thing I can tell you. If you woke up today to see this very new day then your life is not done. You have to continue moving forward. At times we may even go as far as wishing it over but, you must stop those negative thoughts on track.

If you fell simply, get back up. I know you may think that it is easier said than done. However, tedious it may seem. Take it one step at a time and triumph over the misery.  Light beats darkness anytime. So like the sun, rise and shine every new day.

Best wishes!!!


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